LOT de 29 disques 45 T de Soul Funk Rhytm... - Lot 143 - Art Richelieu

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LOT de 29 disques 45 T de Soul Funk Rhytm... - Lot 143 - Art Richelieu
LOT de 29 disques 45 T de Soul Funk Rhytm and Blues divers : 45 T Lyn Collins - Mama Fell good POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T Lee Austin - Tutti Frutti POLYDOR (VG+/EX) , 45T Felice Taylor - I feel Love is comin on again FONTANA (VG+/EX), 33T Marvin L Sims - Taklkin' 'bout Soul MAXI (VG+/EX) , 45 T Maceo and the macks - Parrty POLYDOR (VG+/EX) , 45T Incredible bongo band - Dueling MGM (VG/VG), 45T Fred wesley and the JB'sn POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T Koool and the Gang - raw Hamburger MAXI (VG+/VG+) , 45T Lyn Collins - My and my baby... POLYDOR (VG+/EX) , 45T Kool and the gang - Funky Man MAXI (VG+/EX), 45T Fred Wesley - The JBS POLYDOR (VG+/EX) , 45T Marvin Holmes - ride your mule MAXI (VG+/EX) , 45T Fred and the New JB's POLYDOR (VG+/VG+) , 45T Cymande - The Message RCA (VG+/EX) , 45T The Mirettes - In the Midnight Hour MAXI ( VG+/VG+) , 45T Act I - I never had a love like yours POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T Lyn Collins - Think POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T African People - On the March POLYDOR (VG+/EX) , 45T Hank Ballard- From the Love Side POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T The Dapps - the rabbit got the gun POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T Lee Dorsey - When can I come home POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T Roy Ayers Ubiquity - He's a superstar POLYDOR (VG+/VG+) , 45T The JB's - Gimme some more POLYDOR (VG+/VG+) ; 45T Irvwin Clement and the exotics FESTIVAL (VG+/EX), 45T The Jimmy Castor Band - Luther the anthropoid RCA (VG+/EX) , 45T The JB's - Givin' up food for funk POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T Julie Driscol/Brian Auger and the trinity - Flash back POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T Lee Dorsey - Yes we can POLYDOR (VG+/EX), 45T La Lupe - Seacabo VOGUE (VG+/EX) Set of 29 SP's of various Soul Funk Rhytm and Blues
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